Guia de Enchimento de Camiões Cisterna de Combustíveis, Nacala 

Guia de Enchimento de Camiões Cisterna de Combustíveis, Nacala 

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Notícias 25 Fevereiro 2015

Business Line (BL) Integration

On the 1st of January 2015, Royal HaskoningDHV of Mozambique was integrated into the company’s revised Business Line (BL) Model of the Royal HaskoningDHV Group. The company business units, now called Advisory Groups (AG) have been incorporated into the following BL’s: Water Technology; Buildings; and Maritime & Waterways.

These three Business Lines now comprise three Advisory Groups (AG) whose Directors (Director of Advisory Group - DAG) are: Mário Macaringue for the Water and Environment Sector, integrated into the BL Water Technology; Mário Viveiros for the Building Sector, integrated in BL Buildings; and Mário Viveiros is also temporarily appointed as DAG for the Infrastructure Sector which is integrated into the BL Maritime & Waterways. Champac Tribovane has been appointed Deputy DAG for Infrastructure.

Mário Macaringue also assumes the position of Resident Director (RD), a position previously known as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

This new organisational model represents a significant change in the "modus operandi" of the company, where, due to complications within the model structure, it was difficult to correctly place RHDHV Mozambique into a Regional Management Model. The new model is clearly different and we believe that this new model will allow our company to grow significantly, improving project management capacity, technology, and level of engineering, effectiveness and efficiency. As the company becomes accustomed to the changes, these changes are apparent and necessary to allow the company to continue to compete at the highest level in a market that is increasingly demanding in terms of quality and specialisation of services.

This change will require the effort of going the entire extra mile to ensure that we become more methodical and more rigorous in planning, project management and risk analysis.

This essential transition process is expected to take six months until we are up and running. It is also important that we do not lose focus of what remains essential to the market and clients and that we continue to deliver proposals and continue to win awards.

It is natural that during this transition phase there will be doubts and some uncertainties and that, over time, these will eventually be clarified. Mário Macaringue, as the appointed "Transition Manager", will assist with a smooth transition that does not lose the focus on the market.

All employees are to ensure that they have the capacity to be fully aligned with the BL's in the shortest time.

Release: 25 Fevereiro 2015 Voltar